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Skulls and Roses Card Game

Skulls and Roses is a game of bluffing and risk taking and it is my all time favorite game. The legend of Skulls and Roses is a game created by a biker gang back in the 60s for pride and status. They often played at bars and used four coasters each and would hand draw their three roses and one skull on the backs. This inspired me to create my own game out of coasters I collected from my favorite breweries. Each coaster contains a unique skull and rose design inspired by the brand language and beer from each brewery. 

Skulls and Roses has simple rules that can be learned in less that 5 minutes but contains similar tension to a game of high stakes poker. You can download and print your own version of the game using the link below. To make my version i printed the two pages on sticker paper and cut each one out and stuck them to the backs of the coasters. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do. 

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