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CSM Direct Medserve

The medserve is a medication cabinet designed to reduce nurse's trips to the med room. This is done by filling this cabinet prior to med distribution as opposed to making a trip per patient to the med room. Below I go through the full process oh how this product went from idea to final concept. 

Hallway Medication Storage

Nurses are spending too much time making trips to the med room. 

Each med room takes about 10 minutes. Average trips per patient is 4 in a normal nurse shift. Nurse normally handles 6 patients. That’s 24 med room trips or 240 minutes - 4hours 

The original proposal was a med cart that is able to be tracked on the hospital floor. The issue was even with tracking the cart it can be moved to an inconvenient place.  

After tracking nurses on shift we realized we needed a more centralized system to deliver meds to each patient. The concept of secure hallway storage for each nurse reduces medroom traffic and better tracks patient meds.

It all started here

Nurses will now take one med trip per med period using the med server

Nurse will get meds for one med pass which is a 4 hour period. That is 3 trips to the med room per shift. Each med room trip will take longer but the nurse will only take 1 hour walking to the med room.Up to 3 more hours for patients.

Final Design

Increases nurse time for patient interaction

Complies with ADA and Joint Commission Standards

Improves nurse work-flow

Reduces trips to the med room

Six removable patient bins are amply sized and individually locked. A large secure supply storage area and work surface is also included.

A removable cassette allows all patient bins to be easily transported and filled in the med room in one trip.

A built in computer provides secure access control with multi-level management and access history. The medserve software can be managed locally or from a central computer networked with multiple medserve cabinets. 

Multiple Patient Storage

Efficient Medication Delivery 

Smart Software

Manual Override 

Touchscreen Controller

Supply Bin

secure storage for the essentials

Work Surface

Removable Cassette
for transporting patient bins to med room

6 Removable Patient Bins
designed for left or right hand removal

Complies with the Joint Commission & ADA Standards

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